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COVID-19 Update

Here, at Island Rehab, our number one concern is our patient's health and safety. We take our responsibility as an essential entity very seriously. In support of the efforts to combat COVID-19, we have instituted many sterilization techniques and protocols. During this unprecedented time, our team will continue to wear masks, regularly wash hands, wear gloves, and take the temperature of everyone upon entry. Through monitoring the situation, we have developed a post-COVID-19 rehabilitation program. Island's owner, Michael S. Brown (MSPT), pioneered this program to assist patients who have residual or continuous issues regarding their respiratory, cardiac, or muscular-skeletal systems. For more information, contact Michael Brown (MSPT) at 516-505-2200. 

We hope to see and hear from you soon. We wish you the best of health.


The Island Rehab Team

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