Every Patient Receives a Comprehensive Initial Evaluation, SOAP notes & re-evaluations

Our Professional Team will work to identify

the problem & implement a therapy program designed to be patient specific to alleviate or correct the problem & prevent re-occurrence

Your Recovery is Our Priority

We Treat You Like Family

“Thanks to everyone at Island Rehab, especially Michael, Juvee, Sophia, Anna Lea, and especially Shifra for recommending this place to me (sorry if I spelled everyone's name wrong). I would have never thought I would be back and running in just 2 months after I tore my meniscus but thanks to all their help, I feel great again! Great place, would definitely recommend!”​​

Ari Gottlieb

“I was one of the first ten patients in 1998. Unfortunately, experience has demonstrated that not all physical therapy facilities are equal. At Island, Michael, patiently pushed me through the fear and discomfort toward recovery from knee surgery. His infectious laugh, genuine concern, extensive knowledge, became a trademark for Island Rehab. I was never rushed out, every possible therapy was utilized each session. Highly recommend!”​​​


“I broke my shoulder in March 2015. Shifra at Island Rehab changed my life. She was amazing!”


“I was also very impressed with Island Rehabilitation. I took my mother there after an orthopedic surgery!”


“I used Sophia at Island Rehab - she is great!”


“Shifra at Island Rehab is great!”


“Shifra is incredible!”


“I am going to Island Rehab on Hempstead Turnpike. Shifra is working me to the bone, but the improvement is huge!”


“Shifra Levy (at Michael Browns office). He takes all insurances (pretty sure) 516-505-2200 Hatzlacha and refuah shelaymah!”


“I second Shifra! I broke my wrist when I was pregnant and she fixed me!”


“Island Rehab- Michael Brown is great! across from WH Fire Department. Sunday hours as well!”


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